New year, new look! However...

First off, it should be said that my school district LOVES WeVideo! And I very much appreciate all the front-end and back-end work that goes into every update. We, the users, benefit and never get to see all the work that goes into it all to make the magic possible!

I can see how the updated interface with the full-featured editor and simplified option has the potential to simplify certain processes for users, but it seems that searching media is now less streamlined. With the filter feature on the previous interface, it allowed for a more specific search (ex. music vs. sound effects). Since this is a question and answer forum, is there a way, with this new update, to differentiate between those 2 pieces of media when searching stock media?

And again, I understand that there is a lot of thought, consideration & gathering of input that goes into any update, but I was bummed to see that the term ‘Stock media’ has been removed. When working with students, it was great to see that industry-standard term being used. It led to a lot of great conversations about ‘what it is’ as well as what it means in the wider landscape of the very gray area around copyright in the internet age. I know it’s small, but I really appreciated it and the way that it presented WeVideo as a “prosumer” product.

Thanks for reading and for such a great product!

I’d love a tutorial from WeVideo for my elementary students explaining where everything moved… It would save a lot of confusion…


I completely agree! Our school board also LOVES WeVideo but I’m not loving this new “update”. I miss being able to filter the files in “My Media” by date or duration, or by file type since sometimes I don’t know a filename, but I know it is an image that I want.
I’m also not pleased with the changes to Stock Media. The categories are a cool idea, but they take a long time to scroll through and with the removal of the video’s name, I am finding the process of browsing for the “right” clip takes a LONG time since I need to watch each clip in the preview window to see what it is.
I am hoping that this is just the first update as it would be a shame to lose features that were so widely used in the past by teachers and students.

Thanks for making such an amazing tool!

Thank you for your feedback @ryan.adams, @todd.pozen, and @sandi. It is always valuable to us when our community members share their honest feedback.

A quick update for you on the My Media filter referenced in the posts. The product team is working on getting that feature back up and running as soon as possible. I’ll update as much as I possibly can, so stay tuned, thanks!


Great idea! I would also suggest giving students a fun, class-long project where they are tasked with exploring the new changes. They can help each other and learn pretty quickly!

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This is good news! Thanks.

Hi @ryan.adams and @todd.pozen. Wanted to give you an update that today our team restored the filtering feature in My Media.

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Just saw Jason’s response on FB. Thank you!!! I really do use that a lot!


Hi Ryan,

I just noticed that before I saw your post! Thank you to the team who worked to restore that feature. Any chance there are plans to restore the filename of clips in the “Videos”, and “Images” folders that used to be “Stock Media”? We have found it difficult to find clips based solely on the thumbnail and are now watching every clip in the preview window. Seeing the filename was very handy in looking for something more specific.

Thanks again for continuing to improve this amazing tool!

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Hey Ryan,
I appreciate ye olde digital summoning charm (@ryan.kochevar) to share this great news! Thanks for working with your team to bring back filters.

A lingering question would be “will the previous stock media filter ‘form’ make a come back?”.
It was the filter option that allowed for specific differentiation using check boxes. My favorite was being able to filter out (audio) songs and focus only on sound effects. When working with students on sound design, this was a huge plus. Is there a way to filter within audio to see only sound effects? Perhaps I missed it.

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@ryan.adams @todd.pozen I will relay the feedback on the stock media filtering and file naming back to the team and get their insights on that. I can tell you that they are currently looking into restoring the audio filtering feature that allowed separation of sound effects from other types of audio. I’ll get back to you all as soon as I get updates.